Vasiliki Dogani

I am a teacher of greek literature. I am a musician also. I'm an Ambassador of TeachSDGs, Etwinning, T4Conference. I am Facilitator of Climate Action and Global goals. I am a natgeo certified. My student are 12-15 years old. 


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School: 1rst junior high school of Markopoulo, Athens 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 12-15 years old Année

Projects 2021

Causes of climate change

Causes of climate change


Effects of climate change

effects of climate change

global warming

Global warming is a cause of climate change!

We collected plastics

We collected plastics from the Greek beach. We shaw the human impact!


Solutions for saving our planet!

We try to find solutions for a better planet. So sent them to Lego!

Plastic awareness

We find pollution on Greek beaches and we collect plastics from beach Hamolia in Greece!

We decide to become stronger eco-citizens!

We sent a question about ways to help our environment to prime minister!


Climate action
work about climate
change climate
Climate change
earth how it is now
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Images by Vasiliki Dogani 2021-10-25Dogani