Shaziya Fayas

Sri Lanka
Co-teacher: Fazla Sharmil
I am a National Geographic certified educator and head the Geography team at the Iman Academy, Sri Lanka. I led a cohort of middleschoolers to participate in the 2021 Goals Project at the beginning of the year and love the enthusiasm shown by the children in being Climate activists. 


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School: Iman Academy 25 students are involved

Projects 2022

Climate Change

What is climate change? A video by Mahdiya Moujooth 

Global Warming vs Climate change. These words are used often. Do they mean the same? Or do they mean two different things. Hudha Shakir attempts to clarify this in her presentation. 

Climate Action

Climate Action

Reusing Glass and Glass Bottles

An excellent video on why we need to re-use glass bottles and what we can use them for. 

Sustainable Choices.

A detailed explanation on how the products we use contribute towards endangering life on land, life in water and climate change. Making meaningful and informed choices will help us be sustainable . 

Solutions to Climate change.

Alternatives to using plastic toothbrushes which are healthier and more environmentally friendly. 


Images by Shaziya Fayas 2022-11-03Fayas
Images by Shaziya Fayas 2022-11-03Fayas
Images by Shaziya Fayas 2022-10-25Fayas
Images by Shaziya Fayas 2022-10-20Fayas
Images by Shaziya Fayas 2022-11-10Fayas
Images by Shaziya Fayas 2022-11-10Fayas