Inderjeet Kaur Sachdev

Inderjeet Kaur is a MYP Science Teacher and  has been a service advisor for the past two academic years. She along with her co-teachers has been consistenly taking efforts to spread awareness and take small actions through service on Global issues. As a team we look forward to effectively contribute and collaborate in the project.


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School: Genesis Global School Noida 11 students are involved

Projects 2022

Causes of Climate change: week 1

Week 1 of the project focused on revisiting student understanding of weather and climate. 

Inquired into the meaning of climate change. They further researched to list the causes of climate change in the padlet. 

They reflected on the human activities related to an industry and the human activities in their local area that contributed to climate change.

Video for student reflection on causes attached



Week 2 Effects

Students reflected on the causes of climate change. They researched the effects of climate change after researching the same. They interviewed members of different generations to know more about the causes and effects of climate change seen in the weather pattern, flora and fauna.



URL to Video on OneDrive

Week 3 Evidences

Students watched videos from different schools. These videos were browsed from climate action website.


Students shared their reflections on the same.

They attempted a survey shared by the collaborative school in Argentina.

Students created a poem on the climate change.



Week 4 evidence

Students researched solutions to Climate change at the individual and institutional levels. They referred to different online resources.

They shared their ideas in the padlet. 

This was followed by brainstorming, where they collaboratively made an action plan for implementing their solutions at the institutional level.

Some ideas suggested by students were, making cloth bags from old fabrics (Reuse) collected from cloth drive. 

Recycled paper bags and awareness poems.  




Week- 5 Evidence

The teacher representative from Genesis Global School, India and Argentinan School, started planning for the student collaborative meeting on 18 November.

The students of Genesis Global school started exploring the work posted by the students of Argentinan school on the collaborative padlet.

The students of Genesis Global school, brainstormed on the future action and initiatives, that would support the goals of the Climate action project. 

Recycling old cloths to make hand bags, paper bags from Newspaper were the suggested initiatives.

Picture of a model recycled hand bag created as a sample by a Students of Genesis Global school, attached.



Evidence: Week 6

Activity: Under Climate Action Project 2022. Genesis Global School, India, collaborated with the Argentine School Instituto Inmaculada Concepción Rauch, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentinaand the finale was a virtual meeting on 18th November 2022 where they showcased their work.

 Grades: MYP 2 & 3

Details: During this project, the students have created recycled cloth bags and poems in English and Hindi, while Argentinian students created Spanish versions of the poem. The students also interviewed different generations of people to note the changes in the climate. The meeting was also a platform for cultural exchange and discussing how climate change impacts the two countries. It was a fruitful and engaging session.

Future Action: The students of Genesis Global school plan to take is to create cloth bags and paper bags - recycling cloth and paper, thus reducing carbon footprint.


Images by Inderjeet Kaur Sachdev 2022-11-26Sachdev
Images by Inderjeet Kaur Sachdev 2022-11-26Sachdev