Barbara Kostkiewicz

I'm an English teacher at the secondary school in Radom, Poland. I'm interested in boosting creativity of my students. 


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School: ZSE Secondary School of Elektronics 8 students are involved The average age of the students: 17 Año

Projects 2022

Climate changed locally

Students read  local news and search Wikipedia to find useful information.

Effects of climate change

After some meetings and discussion students came out with the most essential,in their opinion, effects of climate change. They prepared a short presentation.


Students prepared a short presentation about the effects of climate change globally

Week 4

My dear students prepared a short presentation about the solutions for climate change.Yoi can watch it below :)

Planting a tree

Some willing boys bought and planted a small fagile clone in front of our school. It will look nice when we look out of the window.

Bin of the future

This week we had an opportunity to meet with a project group from Moldavia, we shared information about our projects and exchanged opinions.

My class of electronics are building a bin, which is to light up when someone throws rubbish inside. It is a way of saying thank you that you put litter here, not on the streets,)


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