Noorjahan Sultan is an educator from Malaysia. She is the innovator of the Let’s Rhyme Module, popularised the idea of Fostering Language Comprehensively through Rhymes, and has been recognized at both national and international levels.
She is also the founder of NICE Club; a programme that displays the attitude and interest of students towards a proclivity for meaningful and effective reading. NICE is the acronym for Network of Information, Communication and Engagement. It is an initiative taken to enable students to be actively involved in reading programmes to enhance information literacy skills. The objective of this programme is to cultivate students' interest in reading and research.
As an educator she believes that it takes the world to save the planet. She had always taught her students the importance of making the planet a safe and prosperous place to live in. She makes it a point to educate them that the planet's environmental health is everyone's responsibility by advocating the reuse and repurpose.
Noorjahan is one of the few educators who had received accolades from various ministries, among which are the Ministry of Education, Malaysia (National Teacher Icon 2016), Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (Finalist of National Innovation Award 2014), Ministry of Rural Development Malaysia (2017 Children’s Early Education Icon), Ministry of Housing and Local Government- SWCorp (Finalist of Waste to Art- 2D; DIY Teaching Aids) and last but not least, Ministry of Women, Family and Society Development (Family Special Award 2019- Special Jury Category).

As a mother to an autistic son, Noorjahan sees the need to raise public awareness and subsequently encourage everyone to do their part in supporting parents on how they can overcome the challenges in raising children with this diagnosis. She speaks about the role of actively involved families in creating a supportive environment for an autistic child to develop healthily.
The year 2016 saw the excellence of her contribution in education when she was named as Top 50 Finalists for the Global Teacher Prize by the Varkey Foundation. She also left another mark in history by winning the coveted Pearson English Language Teacher Award for the year 2018. In 2020, her Autism Awareness Project has been listed as the most voted 100 projects under the Earth Project - T4 Solutions Challenge.