Aprajita Ralli

Aprajita Ralli

Mrs.Aprajita Ralli,an educator for the past 26 years provides staff development training &support in technology integration, instructional design, and e-learning in K-12 learning spaces. She  has a Master of Arts in History,a Bachelors in education,A teaching and leadership certificate in Instructional &Curriculum design & Instruction and a vast experience in Educational Technology & E-Learning. Having been a secondary school always educator and now a Middle School Coordinat


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climate rangers@psn
School: PATHWAYS SCHOOL NOIDA , 17 students are involved The average age of the students: 14 years 年

Projects 2021

Psn Rangers @Pathways school

We are not aiming to protect the environment, we are trying to create an environment which doesn’t require protection.

We are the students of MYP 4, studying Integrated Humanities at Pathways School Noida, and truly believe in the idea of nurturing our nature, especially when it needs us the most. So if you are also a nature lover or rather love life, come give us a hand in action for sustaining our beloved nature!Our goal is to spread awareness about how our identity is because of the climate we live in, and we are contributing to harming that environment. We aim to identify and imply changes we can make in our daily life which can become reliable long term solutions for sustaining our climate.

Teaching and learning

We saw what others had learnt , we examined causes of the climate change ... we developed deeper understanding and explored possible causes and impacts of human action on the environment...

Sharing and guiding

Students  of Pathways Noida led lesson for students of a Romanian  school... they taught them about climate change , conducted quizzes and made the younger students dance... a fun filled  learning experience 


After the students interacted with other children , led their sessions and received good feedback they went on with diving deeper into their chosen case studies , they undertook research projects for their chosen biomes and tried to develop a collective global undersatnding on how the different ecosystems and Biomes are getting impacted by human action .... 



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