Vasile Madalina

Co-teacher: Enache Madalina
Our climate îs changing. We want to protect it and to live a normal life.


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School: Scoala Gimnazială I. L. Caragiale, Pitesti 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 7-8 Year

Projects 2020

Our friends, the trees

We are talking about benefits offered by trees. Our children understand the importance of trees and they proprly represent the image of a tree.

Growing trees

we are planting trees and flowers

Effects of pollution

we discuss about local and global effects of pollution.


Images by Vasile Madalina 2020-10-02Madalina
Images by Vasile Madalina 2020-10-07Madalina
Images by Vasile Madalina 2020-10-16Madalina