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I am a passionate social science teacher working in Ahlcon International School, Delhi, India for last 10 years. I am a life long learner with a passion to innovate instructions , designing  engaging lessons, differentiated assessment tools  .I make my classrooms interactive  through experiantial  pedagogy. I am fortunate to promote sustainable development goals through activities and curriculum and create harmonious citizens to lead the world.


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School: AHLCON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL 100 students are involved The average age of the students: 14-16 Year

Projects 2020


Students researched about climate change and the causes responsible for climate change locally. The submission is in the form of video presentation wherein students talk about climate change and the causes responsible for it.

Effects of climate change


Effects of climate change have been drastic over the past few years. My students have done intensive research and made a  short video highlighting the impacts of our actions over the last few years. 


Images by SUMEDHA SODHI 2020-10-04SODHI
Images by SUMEDHA SODHI 2020-10-11SODHI