Natascha Coene

I teach English at a Belgian secondary school.


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School: 't Saam - campus Aloysius 15 students are involved The average age of the students: 16-17 Year

Projects 2020


Climate change is horrible and it should be stopped by all means.

We need to inform ourselves of what is going on and how climate change is brought about before we can take action.

The local effects of climate change

The students have discussed and looked up the effects of climate change. They found more effects than they had thought at first. It was useful to consult an older person to know what it was like before, because some changes aren't changes to them, but 'normal'.

Local to Global

We talked to a very motivated class in Moldova and agreed upon a challenge. The next fortnight both classes will come to school by bike or on foot and add the kilometres. The class with most kilometres wins the challenge, but in fact they will both win since both classes will reduce CO² emission by coming to school in an eco friendly way.


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