Maria Silvina Dietsch

Buenos Aires

I´ve been working in the Early Childhood Education field for more than 25 years. I´m a passionate teacher who firmly believes in a child- centered education, respecting the children´s interests according to their stage of development.

I aim to awake in my  young students a joy for learning helping them to become lifelong learners through authentic experiences at an early age.

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Catalina Furlanetto

School: St Andrew´s Scots School

Projects 2019

climate action project

This video shows work done by kindergarten students from St Andrew´s Scots School  in Argentina  reflecting about climate change 

climate action project 2

In this second video we can see the work done by the children and the many activities that took place  in this great project.


Climate action project “Kinder 5” St Andrew's Scots School Kindergarten