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This is Rahana Haque. I am an Elementary schools teacher. I am a Teach SDGS ambassador, National geography certified teacher, Microsoft expert, MIE Trainer, Skype Master Teacher, Tweet meet Bengali host, Global innovative teacher awarded by India, National Top !5th ICT teacher finalist. My passion is traveled anywhere and loves to stay with my students. So I wish to involve any kind of project to build up student's confidence. Project-based learning fruitful for my pupils.

School: Banshgari one government primary school

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Projects 2019

Why Climate change !

Students ask their pioneer how seasons change in Bangladesh? In our country, we have a six seasons but nowadays the seasons has been changed. The students can know that only two seasons mainly observed such as summer and winter. Why it is? In Bangladesh plastic disposal and Industries wastage, black-smoke of vehicles are enormous threads for climate change.

The effect of climate change

Students found on the basis of community observations. Bangladesh is a density of populations that is why many small factories situated near the locality without proper planning, So bad smoke, industrial wastage are increasing  carbon dioxide. Global warming and seasons have been changed and the coastal area will face natural disasters and rise the tidal. The senility water entered the rivers and lands which is harmful to human general life.


Students job about Climate