Susan Thomas

New Delhi

   I have been an educator for over 30 years and represent The Foundation School in New Delhi. A Climate Change Leader  with former Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, I am passionate about the environment and deliver regular climate change presentations. Being a British Council School Ambassador, I train educators on integrating the SDG’s and the 21st Century skills  into pedagogy and the teaching-learning methodologies.  My focus is to empower my    students to collaborate, think logically, analyse, be creative  and make informed choices so that they can be the change makers! I want my students to be global citizens and make this  beautiful planet  sustainable and give it a new lease of  life!!

School: The Foundation School

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Projects 2019

Climate Action: All about Climate Change

The students researched and peer mentored to understand the difference between climate and weather. They referred to newspaper, online websites and other sources and came to the conclusion that the climate of Earth is changing drastically and unfortunately the only culprit for this disaster is us, HUMAN BEINGS.

Climate Change.. What it is doing ?

The students presented a skit on Climate Change where in they juxtaposed Earth of 2019 with 1991. They brought out visible differences like the green and blue turning into black and grey. The effects of Climate Change on our Planet was shared through the play which included Global Warming, Pollution, Melting of Icecaps and so on.  The students then shared the impact of Climate Change on their local community. At the end of the play they went on to explain what the scenario in the future would be if  Climate Change is not dealt with seriously. 



Climate Action: Finding Solutions

The students shared how they think climate change can be battled at an individual level. They came up with things that were being done inside their homes and their school to fight ordeal. 

Climate Action: Finding Solutions #TFSTeamGreen

Climate Action: Doing our bit.

The children were involved in activities like making seed balls, creating vertical garden and upcycling waste like ripped jeans, plastic bottles, thrown away jeans etc as a part of their action to target the problem of Climate Change.

Climate Action: Doing our bit.

Climate Action : International Discussion


The Foundation School stands for Climate Action.
Climate Action: Doing our bit.