Rania El Sayed

Damietta City


1-Masters in Methodology  (curriculum and Instruction )preparing Masters in Technology in Education. 2- I worked before in Kuwait State for 8 years and was rewarded for many celebrations there. 3- Awarded this year from Ministry of Education  and ( Microsoft Partners In Learning ) for being Innovative Educator all over Egypt 2016-2017. 4- Class Hack Contest Winner for my Sway ( Desertification ) 2017.

I have been selected as #TeachSDGs Ambassador for joining the movement of sharing and teaching SDGs through my project ( Desertification & UN SDGs ) . You can follow through this link on twitter:

http://bit.ly/2grOzUg  Or through this blog on TeachSDGs : http://bit.ly/2gjaZTL


School: El-Kafrawy Official Language School

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Earth is Crying
El Kafrawy Official Language School Team
Factories Smoke Cause Global Warming WEEK 2
Effects of Global Warming on Damietta City ( Egypt)
Environment Pollution Caused from Factory Smoke Affects Rising Seas and Melting Arctic land in Minecraft
Planting plants and Using Solar Energy as Solutions for Climate Change
Skype Call with India ( Bengladish, Indonesia, Serbia, Austria & Sri Lanka)
El Kafrawy Official Language School Students with Certificates
El Kafrawy Official Language School Students with Certificates