Kihyun(Daniel) Park

Korea, South

Hello, my name is Daniel Park(Kihyun Park). I am an English teacher at Pungsaeng middle school in Korea. I majored in English and pedagogy. I teach 2nd-grade students and I am in charge of the International Students' Cultural Exchange. I'm interested in dealing with the environmental issues in my classroom so that our students get a chance to learn how important it is to protect our plant and nature. I am an English teacher, and I use the language as a tool to enlighten my students to make our world a better one.

I deal with the topic; SDGs once a week in my class. Students brainstorm on what they can do to preserve our planet and climate. Also, I've been joining the online projects on environmental topics with some schools abroad: pen-pals activity, Skype face-to-face conference, joint project, and making a short UCC to share. I like to edit the promotion videos that our students' ideas and suggestions are held in.

I'd like to provide our students with a great chance to learn how to live together all around the world. Moreover, in the globalized world, we should co-exist with the thought that all of us are responsible for the health of our only-one planet; Earth. And while we work on the project together, we will experience different cultures, and enhance global leadership with good communication skill, creative ideas, and considerable insights.

School: Pungsaeng Middel School

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