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Co-teacher: Adina Lung


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School: Liceul Teoretic ,,Nicolae Bălcecsu" 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 6-7 years Year

Projects 2020

Climate Change Causes

I asked my students to tell me if they have observed any change in weather pattern lately. They said that there was less snow in the past few years. I asked them what do they think the cause was. All of them agreed that  pollution is the cause. I showed them a PPT and than talked about weather/climate, the four seasons and how the climate is changing due to human action. We watched some videos indicated in the course, we talked about their meanings, we tried to identify as many causes of climate change as we can. Finally, I asked  each of them to realize a small drawing representing the cause of climate change which he/she considered the most destructive. At the end, they all presented their own drawing and  pinned it on the wall of causes.

Global Warming Effects at Local Level

The activity took place in online because the school was closed due to Covid restrictions. Therefore, I asked my students to inquire their family members about plants, animals, human activities and the change in weather patterns caused by global warming in our country. They also had to complete a  table with 4 dials. They could draw or write few words. Then, we discussed together and they shared their research. Finally, we filled out a common table with all their ideas. We reached the same conclusion: it's time to take action against global warming in order to save the planet. The students were happy and they felt like small people with big ideas.

Meeting with our Peers from Brighton School, Pakistan

Because of many Covid cases, our school switched to e-learning. Therefore, we set up a  virtual class on Microsoft Teams platform, where my Romanian students met their peers from Brighton School , Pakistan. We exchanged ideas regarding the Climate Action Project and also we disscussed about the solutions we had found. The children were very excited to see each other, to get to know each other. Our common conclusion was: even though we were far away, we had the same big ideas about saving our planet.


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