Global collaboration between 100,000 students across 100 countries.


Participating schools:

Lake Shore CSD
French Teacher focused on UN Global Goals
4 teams contibuting to climate change awareness
Oakhill Day School
Govt Inter College BHEL Hardwar INDIA
Hansraj Model School
Mrunal Ganjale from Pune Maharashtra India
My Green Brigade
My class in a skype session
2nd Grade School "Aprenderes"
Year 4 students
Coming from Sarajevo. Working in Public Primary School. 18 years of teaching experience. MIE Expert fifth time in a row.
zaitoun official language school
Varnakioti FLI Greece
Member of the Auto Club, who will be planting trees on National Tree Planting, Oct 6
Mwongori High School Climate Action Project Class
Ojola Kadero Primary School
Class 7A
My class
Young  investigators
Library and Media Teacher
My Mini Aqua_Zoo Diorama Project
The Lyceum  Lahore, Pakistan
This is us!
Espinho, Portugal
9th F Manuela Prajea
Castelul Cunoașterii
Smart Teens Studio of English
Fellowship ‘The Dragon in Green Socks’
Warinchamrap School's students
let's save our planet
My lovely pupils =)
They are always natural
Best wishes
HNTL students in the Climate Change Project 2018
Godsown Academy
Children in class
Group Scolaire Alfalah Taza are committed to environmental issues
My lovely pupils
Photo of Monica Gonzalez
Auka ODS Gente Y Ciudad