Marj Brown is a social and educational activist, and HOD of History at Roedean School in
Johannesburg, South Africa. She encourages learners to engage actively with current affairs and
incorporates her own anti-apartheid activism, having been a member of Black Sash and TRAC and
the SA Council of Churches in the 1980s. She is the President of the SASHT – the SA Society for
History Teaching and involved in Asinakuthula, a women’s history collective.
Marj involves her pupils – as well as others from under-resourced partner schools – in the Model
United Nations Debate and helps coordinate Roedean’s social responsibility projects. She is an
accreted UNESCO Teach SDGs Ambassador, and part of the Jane Goodall Innovation Education
project on teaching SDGs to rural communities across Africa. She is also a Climate Action Project
Ambassador fighting Climate Change internationally.
She is founder and coordinator of the Phendulani literacy quiz, reaching about 150 schools
nationwide that do not have libraries. Marj also brought the Kids Lit Quiz to SA, for well-resourced
primary schools.
She is a recipient of Round Square’s King Constantine medal for community service and in 2018, she
was a Top Ten Global teachers nominee in the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Award