I am a teacher at Agrupamento de Escola nº1 de Gondomar. I have a PhD in Equity and Innovation in Education, having focused my research on students voice and students as co-researchers of their own educational path.
I am a National Geographic Educator and a Climate Change Teacher certified by the UN. I was Teacher-Trainer of Year 2014 and received the Terre de Femme Award in 2016 for my contribution to a greener planet. I was runner-up of GTP Portugal 2019.
I am founder and president of NGO Educafrica, working since 2011 with schools in the development of Problem-Based Learning projects, where students work the 21th century skills in projects that aim at solving real problems. These solutions are then implemented in developing countries in Africa. So far, we have implemented 6 solutions developed by students, 5 concerning energy and one about plastic waste.