Stefania Binucci

My name is Stefania, I am an English teacher from a Secondary Art sxhool in Italy. Last year I was an advocate for the Global schools program and this year I am in charge of mentor. I strongly believe in education as the tool to reach the 17 goals of the Agenda.


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School: Liceo Nolfi Apolloni 16 students are involved The average age of the students: 14 Year

Projects 2022

There is no planet B

The population is increasing and our planet is suffering because we are not taking care of it.  As a teacher, I decided to let my students  reflect about the environment in order to take action.What can we do ? I decided to start from the basis that is to work on three "Rs" for our environment and our future. My  primary goal has been to make my students aware and conscious of the problems related to  environment , to reach parents through students, and to try to bring some habits into the society . While doing this, my primary goal has been to leave as little waste as possible to the nature and to prevent waste by using digital tools. I also tried to explain to my students the importance of carbon and water footprints . This project is focused on developing knowledge , skills and positive attitudes about environment with 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), with the help and involvment of parents,too.