Natasha Arsenijevic

Co-teacher: Vesna Stanimirovic


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School: Kindergarten "Sronogica" 50 students are involved The average age of the students: 3 - 6 Year

Projects 2022

Week 1.

We learned the difference between "day" and "night" and how is that possible, we learned the difference between "weather" amd "climate". We played a game.

Global Changes

We watched videos about global changes, we found solutions for global changes, we draw it. We take a look at videos from other countries.

Causes of global warming

We explore what causes global warming globally. We found out a lot of new things. We do an experiment with ice melting. We gave our solutions to prevent global warming. 

Solutions for Climate Changes

Kids noticed that our neighborhood are very polluted by trash so we decided to do something. We draw ecology messages and put it on the trees, and some place where people can see it.

Action for climate

We found some solutions and we made actions like recycling, compost food.

Action for Climate Changes

We made actions for Climate Changes. We made toys using recycle materials. We were guests of a project implemented by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia with the help of the European Union and the government of the Kingdom of Sweden. The goal of the project is to separate waste in households in order to enable recycling and thus reduce the amounts that end up in landfills. Our friends introduced themselves with the play "Bird of Paradise".


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