Kindergarten teacher

Natasha Arsenijevic

Co-teacher: Vesna Stanimirovic


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School: Kindergarten "Caterpillar" 50 students are involved The average age of the students: 3 - 6 Year

Projects 2020

Climate action project

The project was realized in a preschool institution , with children aged 4-6. We first dealt with the topic of the weather of that day,  then the seasons, the changes in nature. To make it easier for children to understand, we used cards with motifs of autumn changes in nature , puzzles of different weather conditions. We watched a video on the differences between weather and climate changes. 

Planting Plants

In the second week , children from Preschool "Stonogica" from Serbia, planted a plants in the garden of kindergarden with the help of teachers. 

Climate action project Week 3

We have expanded our knowledge of the importance of forests. 

Climate Change Solution

We researched how can one individual person make change through action. We offer individual action for solution.

Building through Interactions

Exploring air pollution 

Climate Actions

Climate Actions in kindergarten "Stonogica", from Sebia . 


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