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School: Blue Bells Model School 7 students are involved

Projects 2022

Climate change

Students will discuss the causes, impacts and ways to reduce climate change.

Climate change Causes

Generating electricity and heat by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas causes a large chunk of global emissions. Most of the electricity is still produced from fossil fuels; only about a quarter comes from wind, solar, and other renewable sources.

Marine Pollution- International connection

With environmental challenges popping up faster than expected, children should be exposed to environmental awareness from an early age. Keeping in mind, we at Blue Bells Model School collaborated one more time with Litter@sea mission who brings together educators and students from across the world to fight the Plastic Pollution crisis, especially in the ocean. The aim of the school team comprised of Eco warriors, SDG club members and Design club was to participate in the activities related to environment conservation following SDG’s. 

Solutions to fight Climate changes

Students are the future of the nation. Keeping that in mind , students were made the ambassadors to spread the message of sustainability in the surroundings. They are taking action through communicating the impact of our daily activities on change in climate. They are sensitizing the people in their surrounding that by planting more tree, conserving water and using our own biodegradable bags will help in creating sustainable environment. This way school has reached to greener surroundings.

Design thinking in school to make it a green school

Differenet ways are being adopted in school to make it a green school. Design thinking is invoked in the students so that they can save energy and think about variouys reasons, impacts and solutions of climate change.

Seeking the help from Government

The students of all age groups in school wrote letters to the prime minister of India , requesting him to intervene and set some rules to prevent soil erosion which ultimately leads toclimate change.


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