Tanja Mirčetić

Co-teacher: Ljubica Opačić
Kindergarten Radost, Novi Banovci, Serbia class: 5 years old teachers: Tanja Mirčetić & Ljubica Opačić  


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School: PU Radost, Novi Banovci 28 students are involved The average age of the students: 5 År

Projects 2021

PU "Radost" Novi Banovci

The children noticed changes in nature, colder weather, changes in weather conditions. We were interested about, what is the weather? What`s like the weather outside? Is it hot or cold? How we could find out what the temperature is outside? How we could know what the weather would be like tomorrow ?... We decided to explore and find out the answers to our questions.


Images by Tanja Mirčetić 2021-10-11Mirčetić