Irina Nicoleta Șarapatin

Co-teacher: Maria Cilibiu, Lavinia Pitigoi, Camelia Gabriela Cealicu, Gina Dobritescu-Paniu, Elisaveta Petritan, Marina Hirsu, Roxana Mitroiu, Dorina Popescu, Elena Mirulescu, Andreea Balosin-Pinta, Gheorghe Constantin Danasel.
I am an English and French teacher. My students work better and connect more when the topics I am teaching are based on real, authentic material. 


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School: Școala Gimnazială Sâmbotin (Sambotin Secondary School 93 students are involved The average age of the students: 6-14 År

Projects 2021

Week 1 - Climate change in our community

Climate change is real and it is impacting our everyday life. Our students at Sambotin Secondary School welcomed the project, as they are no strangers to the changes in our environment caused by pollution, fires and waste not being properly recycled. We began by discussing climate change and taking action altogether: collecting garbage from our streets and doing an experiment on the impact of our actions. 

Week 2 - Effects of climate change

This week, we focused on discussing the impact of climate change on our everyday life and illustrated some of our thoughts on the subject.

Week 3 Environmental Issues

This week we have discussed the problems in our area and our students listed some of the most important one.

We have teamed up with another school in our area and the collaboration was great.

Week 4 - Solutions for climate change and environmental issues

This has been a full week for us, as we have put into practice some of the solutions we found for the environmental issues in our area. Our students were amazing in their work, and teachers did a great job guiding each and every one of them. We hope you enjoy our video that we posted on our Padlet for the project.

Week 5 - Virtual Interactions

This week, we met our friends from Școala Gimnaziala Nr 1 Danesti in Gorj and discussed our shared project and the importance of protecting our planet.

Week 6 - Final actions

This week we committed to planting trees as long as the weather allows it and the species of trees thrive. We contacted the local press and our work has been recognised and praised in our community. Last but not least, we enjoyed watching the Climate Action Day on November 4th and learnt so much from other educators and students. 


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