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School: Escuela Gustavo A. Becquer 50 students are involved

Projects 2021

What is climate change?

The students started working on the differences between weather and climate change.

They found clear examples to explain the difference.

The causes and effects of climate change

We learnt, did research and played a Scavenger Hunt to understand the concepts and therefore, start thinking on possible solutions  

Causes and Effects of Climate Change in the world and in our country

The students of 2nd year worked on the causes and effects of Climate change.

We learnt how it is affecting us around the world and how our country is also suffering.

Our solutions

The students created infographics and expressed their solutions to start taking actions locally and then, spread their actions and replicate them around the world.


Images by Gabriela Garibotto 2021-10-31Garibotto
Images by Gabriela Garibotto 2021-10-31Garibotto