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School: Zespół Szkół w Wysokiej Głogowskiej 13 students are involved The average age of the students: 13 Année

Projects 2021

Starting our journey with Climate Action Project

Here we are! Second year in a row embarking on our journey with the Climate Action Project. We started with learning the necessary vocabulary in English so that we could discuss the climate change issues. We tried to understand the difference between the weather and the climate and produce our own climate change definition. We thought it is "a long- term shift in the weather which can be seen globally". We also watched a few videos which made us understand the seriousness of the situation: Greta Thunberg's speech, Climate Change video or another Climate Change video. After that we used a carbon footprint calculator to understand our impact on the climate. After that we started working on our Sway presentations.

Let's talk about the solutions

My students worked extensively on their presentations about the solutions for climate change. They started with a few videos and then had a discussion concerning what they and their family members could do/change in their lives to make a difference and reduce climate change. They worked in teams and made Sway presentations.

Let's take action

My students decided to raise awareness in the local community and write an article for the newspaper in which they wrote about the "Climate Action" project and their ideas for everyday changes people could make to slow down climate change.


Images by Monika Khan 2021-11-04Khan
Images by Monika Khan 2021-11-04Khan
Images by Monika Khan 2021-11-04Khan
Images by Monika Khan 2021-11-04Khan