Ispir Iuliana-Florentina

Co-teacher: Vlad Alexandra
Lucrez la grupă cu colega Vlad Alexandra, iar copiii sunt preșcolari.


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School: Școala Gimnazială Nr. 4, Structură GPP Dumbrava Minunată, Rm. Vâlcea 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 5 Année

Projects 2021

What do we know about climate change?

I watched videos, answered questions and played a little role-playing game.

Free drawing - what can be destroyed in nature

They made drawings with the environment that can be destroyed

Drawing - What are the potential solutions for climate change

They made drawings with afforestation as a solution to stopping climate change

Search and research

I found it helpful for them to look for solutions in books on their own, and then to discuss them with each other. Then I drew good deeds, bad deeds.

It could not take place

Unfortunately, I did not meet this challenge. As the children were small and entering school from home (due to the pandemic), it was difficult to involve them in the activity.

Plant a tree

I planted a thuja in the yard of the kindergarten