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School: Kolegium Europejskie 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 14-19 Année

Projects 2021

First meeting and brainstorming

We have met to discuss our steps.

We have brainstormed our ideas and created the map with activities and deadlines. Next time we'll create the map and record the video to explain why we've decided to participate in the project

The plan of activities to increase the awareness of school society

We've decided to organise the posters' competitions among high school and secondary school students. We've decided to organise the flashmob to attract attention to the climate change. We'll create presentations in Polish and English languages which help us to familiarize students of different ages with the problem of Global warming and climate change. We'll also interview PhD Geography teacher to understand the circle of problems which the climate change could lead to. We'll inform about our activities regularly.

Week 3 19376

Presentation to other students

Students participating in Climate Project have been spreading the word about Climate Change among their peers in various year groups (14-17 years old).

Flashmob and interview

Students distributed badges and interviewed a teacher with Science Phd about the climate.


Images by Agnieszka Burkot 2021-10-10Burkot
Images by Agnieszka Burkot 2021-10-10Burkot
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