Fatma Kul

Co-teacher: Erkam Güneş
Hi, I am Fatma Kul .I was born in 1981 in Manisa ,Turkey.I studied my primary and secondary schools in my town but I had to leave home to study my upper secondary school because I won a qualified boarding school ( Beşikdüzü Anatolian teacher training high school)1300 km away my home.I was a passionate and successful  student  that I graduated from the high school with a great degre .After my high school, I won Gazi University in Ankara that is capital of Turkey. Just after I gtaduat


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School: 50.Yıl Ortaokulu 33 students are involved The average age of the students: 11 Año

Projects 2022

Green Challenge

We recorded a video to raise awareness among the people.

Interview with an expert

We invited an expert to our school. He is İbrahim Ateş who is in charge of a voluntary foundation called TEMA. He gave information about climate change and its effects in our area.

green challenge


Images by Fatma Kul 2022-10-03Kul
Images by Fatma Kul 2022-10-03Kul
Images by Fatma Kul 2022-10-16Kul