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I want my family and students to live in a clean green planet with good climate. I want to thank to my team, the teachers named Leotescu Raluca and Musat Mariana for all their help and their support.


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School: C. N. "Ion Luca Caragiale" Ploiești 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 16 Año

Projects 2022

Local causes of the climate change

My students are making presentations and videos on the topic of climate change

Local effects of climate change

Our students acknowledge the local effects of climate change. They are creating videos and presentations about the local effects of climate change. The first effect that everybody noticed in our area is lack of snow in winter. It barely snowed last year. The second effect is that we have hot summers here, we care barely breathe during summer here.

Global causes and effects of the climate change

Our students identified the global causes and effects of the climate change and created presentations and videos on this theme.

Solutions for preventing climate change

This week my students and I are finding potential solutions in preventing climate change. We discussed, they came up with ideas and then they put their ideas in presentations, videos and documents.

I was honored to connect with other teachers from India and Pakistan. The students frim Pakistan really impressed me with their knpwledge on climate change.

Sharing solutions in climate change

My students are on vacation this week, but shared solutions with students from India and Pakistan last week. We were impressed by their knowledge and creativity.


  • Unida Christian Colleges Philippines​

  • JBCN International School India​

  • Genius International Public school India​

  • Reliance Foundation School India​

Actions to prevent climate change

My students started action to prevent climate change process. They created a chart with their daily activities and decided to walk more, use bicycles, reduce pollution by recycling, find alternative energy. They decided to have a schedule with time interval when they will walk or recycle or use public transportation instead of cars. We are also wasting less water and using less electric power. I will send to the local and international press articles about this wonderful project.


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