Nissa Hashmi

I am associated with Beaconhouse School System since last 10 years. I am Masters in Zoology.. I teach Science to grade 6 and 7. I have 8 years experience of PBL... I have conducted several successful projects with different age group students. I believe on experiential learning and I want my students to explore and then learn and contribute to the community by their learning and actions....


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School: Beaconhouse School System 25 students are involved

Projects 2022

causes of climate change

Video # 1

A special guest speaker from WWF joined Students of Beaconhouse Gulshan Middle 1 to discuss the urgent climate issues, and causes of climate change thet we are facing. Our young climate action warriors were insprired to take action for a greener future.

Video # 2 


Field trip to urban forest

Our students visited an Urban forest to investigate the effects of climate change.

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