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School: Hasan Aslanoba Anadolu Lisesi 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 16 År

Projects 2022

Nature is our Future

As a Week 1 activity ,we have  determined students' climate action awareness.What are the causes of these changings in local in Turkiye ? Plastic usage and its negative effects on nature  were studied.School bulletin boards are being decorated and social media sharings and are being prepared to raise awareness on this global issue.

The Effects of Climate Change Week 2

Students tried to focus on the effects,they searched on the net.Drought,sudden storms,scarcity in the amount of water are related with global warinhy.They decided to make video.At the school garden planting actlvlty was made.

Gölbaşı Gölü ( Gölbaşı Lake in Turkey)

We planned a trip to Gölbaşı Lake to take attention of water deficiency in Gölbaşı Lake in Bursa/Türkiye. It has dried up ,Students have showed the effects of global warming ,the lake is 20 km away from their homes .In our close environment we witness changes of climate.They have decided to inform people to be more conscious in their behaviours.

Solutions Week 4

Students could provide possible solutions on how to reduce our carbon footprint.They made a video about importance of eating seasonal ,local healthy food.Less transportataion would decrease our carbon release.They made bookmarks from dried plants.Planting activity raise awareness on local level mostly.

International Class Meeting

Students from Crotia and Turkey totally 3 classrooms have had the virtual meeting.They prepared posters and slogans,their solution was mostly on planting.My students' experience about drought nearby lake Gölbaşı was very impressive for other students.They focused on very little rain in this season .Students from Crotia have had clean up activity,too. People's attitude should change aganist nature ,they need to adapt nature friendly behaviours.Thowing away plastics are also harmful , keeping the environment clean our duty.Students share their findings.


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