Week 1

Placed by Duhita Parmar 2017/Oct/4
DLF Public School
Asia India
Uttar Pradesh


The class was divided into groups. They are divided into four groups representing each week after a brief introduction to the project. Week -1 findings were shared with the whole class. It was a happy moment seeing the students sharing their research which empowered them to the core and brought them to the reality that they are future and need to take care of Planet Earth.  

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DLF Public School, Sahibabad
Group Discussion of Students at DLF Public School
Proud to be a part of Climate Action--- With Koen Timmers
Future Planet Earth
Effect of Cliamte Cahnge on Marine Life in India
Group Discussion in the Bio Lab on Climate Change
Effect of Climate Change-- Finding Nemo is Difficult
Solutions for Climate Change with Dr. Sanjali Dhar Pandita -- Class Bulletin Board
Skype Sessions - Sharing Climate Change
Solutions -- Adoption of a Park