My students WebPage What is Climate Change
Week 1

Placed by Prinavin Govender 2017/Oct/3
Durban University of Technology
Africa South Africa
KwaZulu Natal


Hello Fellow educators and students

I am a computer programmer and I am teaching my students how to create WebPages using HTML and CSS; so I decided to incorporate the Climate Change project into our curriculum.

Yesterday we spoke about climate change and my students decided to create a WebPage

Their requirements were simple

They had to use their existing knowledge of HTML and CSS.

They had to have pictures, one of which must denote our Institution, and they must include the hyperlinks from the PDF document that I had emailed to them.

This is one of the Websites that was hosted on a free web hosting site.

Click to view IT, Well done Fahima and Nqobile

all the very best to fellow students and educators


Prinavin from sunny South Africa






IT Skills students participating in the climate change project