Why plant a tree when you can create a whole garden.
Week 2

Placed by Bronwen Bron 2021/Oct/28
International School of Cape Town
Africa South Africa
Western Cape


In our school, there is a large area of the garden that has been looking rather unloved. Plants don't seem to serve there very long and watering is scarce in these hot dry water-saving times. Our Eco club decided to redo this garden with indigenous plants. Nine children ranging from year 4 to 6 got together to make this happen. since the start of this garden, other children have seen what we have been doing and asked to join in. The garden is now finished and inorder for it to grow a little water goes a long way. Children from all grades ask if the plants have been watered. they test the soil to see if it's dry or not and if it is dry. They water the garden early in the morning before school so that the plants have a chance to absorb the water before the hot African sun comes up for the day. 

Within our garden, we have planted many succulents. One of them is endangered to the Western Cape and we are hoping to propagate this plant. The team included 2 proteas as well. 

Children have learnt how to plant a plant correctly and how to prep the soil for planting. We chatted about landscaping and they even made a video afterwards bringing attention to the plants in the new garden. since then we have seen many little creatures making a new home in this garden. As it goes I'm sure it will attract all sorts of animals from the local area. 


Images by Bronwen Bron 2021-10-28Bron
Images by Bronwen Bron 2021-10-28Bron
Images by Bronwen Bron 2021-10-28Bron