Florentina Zarafu

Co-teacher: Iorga Georgiana
I am a teacher concerned with the environment and climate change. I am worried about the world we leave to our descendants.    


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School: Școala Gimnazială Nr. 97 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 10 years Year

Projects 2020


This week we talked about climate change globally and locally. We tried to define climate change through brainstorming, selecting the most interesting ideas. We watched images and documentaries, after which we made our own drawings. We have compiled a list of the main reasons for climate change in our country and in the world. 

This is one of my children's writings about our planet:

For me, Earth means life, happiness, everything on this planet, that is why I would like to protect it so that we could live here as long as possible. How can we do that?  It’s simple. We should simply stop throwing away so much litter! Stop cutting trees down! Stop wasting food and wather! Stop polluting the nature, the oxygen, everyfing that the planet has offered us!

And if we do this, our planet may have the force to resist and we may still leave our lives here!

There’s no other place to generate life in this universe. Our planet is perfect for us and for the animals.

            Our planet will exist in the future as long as we don’t disrespect it and what it has given us. What God has given us! This planet is sacred. Nothing seems random here. Bud inside it (although we are not exactly inside) there is life. This DOT is a story. It might still be if we will respect it and if we will be good to each other.

            Blue dot - our sacred planet!"  Mihnea Manailescu

CLIMATE ACTION PROJECT 2020-Effects of climate change

After the children identified the causes of climate change last week, this week they focused on discovering the effects of climate change: -Raising sea and ocean levels -Establishment of drought and desertification -Increasing the number of extreme phenomena: storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides -Hunger of a large number of people -The extinction of many species.


Impressed by these consequences, after watching several documentaries, they decided that they had to do something to combat these effects. They first expressed their protest in drawings, in posters they posted at school and on the streets. Then they took action: they planted five trees in the school yard.


Images by Florentina Zarafu 2020-10-04Zarafu
Images by Florentina Zarafu 2020-10-12Zarafu