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I have been Head of IT / Computing for over 20 years.  I have a passion for technology integration and finding new things / technology / gadgets that I can use.   I was nominated as one of the top 50 teachers in the Global Teachers Prize. I am a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator, a Microsoft Fellow and a Microsoft Certified Trainer working in a Google School. I received the Microsoft Award for innovation in ICT, Education Department Provincial Award for Best ICT Practice and Eduweek’s Best Classroom Practice.

School: St Nicholas' School

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Projects 2019

Week 1

Year 6 Climate Action Project

This is a project that has been done with year 6 students.

We had a class discussion about climate and weather and what the students thought was causing climate change.

The students then created a PowerPoint slide about what was causing Climate change.

Week 2

This has been an awesome week.  We have been looking at the effects of Climate Change.  We have looked at the differences between local things vs internation things.  The highlight of the week was the Skype with Dubai!  The students were so excited about sharing what they had learned as well as hearing what the school in Dubai were doing!!

Week 3

Another great week and this week we have looked at possible solutions!

Many of the girls are also in eco club and they have told us about the things that they as a school are doing for Climate Action. things like making eco bricks, planting a garden and although it is small, they are using the plants and herbs in the kitchen.  We have continued with our tree planting and now have come up with the tree that needs to be planted and we are going to plant 2 different trees.  Our soil is very bad and we have had one of our dad's come in and give us advice.  We have finished our PowerPoint slides and most of the girls have done a 30 second clip about the topic they feel most strongly about.  The girls have been responsible for all their own PowerPoints, video taking and editing.  Very impressed!

Week 4

This was an amazing week for all the students.  The eco club told us how they collected plastic and created eco bricks that can then be used to build structures. 

We had our second Skype with a school in Poland with Gosia Buszman and it was brilliant!  The school in Poland told us what they did each week and we had the opportuity to tell them what we did and the students could ask questions to each other.  It is really incredible how different schools around the world are getting together for Climate Change!!


Eco Club
Skype with Dubai
Skype with Poland
Planting our tree