Vladyslav Kachur

I am an inspired teacher of foreign languages from Ukraine with 11 years of hands-on experience in education. I am trying to combine teaching and my public activity, which includes conducting different trainings and organisation of different educational events for students and teachers around Ukraine and the participation in international projects (Erasmus+, Schools for Democracy etc). To my mind, school and education have always been the ideal platform for bringing change to this world and maki


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School: Vinnytsia Gymnasium № 6 26 students are involved The average age of the students: 14-16 Year

Projects 2020

CAP Week 1 Vinnytsia Gymnasium # 6

Despite 1 week of delay, the students of Vinnytsia Gymnasium # 6 started their active participation in the project. During our first meeting we discussed lots of issues connected with climate change and its causes. As a result, we had a wonderful outcome in the form of posters and the video below. 



ClimateActionP Vinnytsia UA Week 1
ClimateActionP Vinnytsia UA Week 2
ClimateActionP Vinnytsia UA Week 3
ClimateActionP Vinnytsia UA Week 3
Images by Vladyslav Kachur 2020-10-18Kachur
Images by Vladyslav Kachur 2020-10-18Kachur