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School: Shishuvan International School 1 students are involved

Projects 2021

Climate Change Causes

Climate change is caused due to many actions of we humans. A few reasons have been laid down by Krishiv Dawda (grade 5 ) of Shishuvan International School, Mumbai.

Climate change week 2 - Effects from Krishiv Dawda, Shishuvan International School

The padlet link attached is about the effects of Climat Change from Krishiv Dawda ( Grade 5 ) , Shishuvan International School, Mumbai.

PYP 5 Week 3 Shishuvan International School, Mumbai

 Hello all, please find attached the week 3 colllaborative meeting photos of the students of Shishuvan International school, Mumbai and the students of  VV DAV school, Delhi. It was a very interactive session where the students from both the schools had lots of ideas and thoughts to share with each other. They had ideas on how climate change can be brought about by taking simple practical steps starting from their homes first and then out into the world! Students shared their experiences of the actual actions taken by them to bring about climate change like: making hand made eco friendly pencils, switching off the lights and fans when not in use, car pooling, no bursting of crackers, no hunting of animals for their skin etc. Must say it was a very intriguing session between the students of both the schools. The pictures of this collaborative meeting are uploaded in the Powerpoint Presentation attached below.