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Mira Jajić

School: Preschool institution "Boško Buha"

Projects 2019

Getting started

We started the Climate Action project on October 1st. Our preschool group have 30 boys and girls age from 3 to 5. Yesterday and today we talked about what is clime and what is weather? Children where exploring, discussing, brainstorm and creative. They gave random answers and drew them all (simbols). Tomorrow we will talk and discuss what is causing climate changes.

We are back

Hi guys! 

We are back with week 2 of Climate Action project. This week we whatched a film about climate changes and after that children where drawing they impressions on newspaper( we decided to save paper and trees). Today we will do a experiment to see what is happening whit ice on poles and disscuse that. Children are excited and all day long are talknig about this project. See you soon!


Getting started
Getting started
We are back
Experiment- ice caps and climate changes