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School: Vinnytsia Technical Lyceum 36 students are involved

Projects 2021

Problems of Climate changes in My city

1. We looked for the definition of the notion of climate change

2. We had brain-storming on the reasons of climate change

3. We discussed the issues of the global causes of climate change

4. We analysed the state of the climate change in the world according to the statistics in 2021

5. Students were suggested to analyse the reasons of the climate change in their part of the city.

discussion and planting trees

1. we had a discussion and created a list of the  effects of climate change clobally and locally

2. students were invited to plant a tree near their houses

3. we calculated the time  we need to wait till the trees we have planted will be able to produce the oxygen

Water pollution problems

students were to analyse  the state of the water pollution in Vinnytsia and globally and to give probable solutions to the problem

Local climate change issues solving

1. Students got qr codes to read different articles on local climate change issues

2. Played kahoot to check their understanding of the climate change problems

3. Played a role play "Beache valley and oil refinary" experiencing the roles of:

- fisherman

- local women with children

- oil refinary  workers

- envirnmentalists

- souvenier shops owners

- tourists

Saving local animals

students were suggested to make a research on a rare local animal and to suggest ideas to save and  protect the endangered species

Saving the environment by ecomony

We have  decided to start protecting the environment by  saving the electricity.

We have changed the lights in our classroom for  economy saving lamps which give more light and use less electricity and energy