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School: Centrul Școlar de Educație Incluzivă Beclean 5 students are involved The average age of the students: 7-8 age Year

Projects 2020

What does climate change mean? Mitigation and adaptation in Romania

Romania wants to move to a greener and more competitive economy, with low carbon emissions, efficient use of resources and resistant to the risks of climate change. Therefore, the Government of Romania, through the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, has requested consultancy services from the World Bank in order to fulfill this commitment. A joint program is being implemented by the World Bank and the ministry and aims to enable Romania to achieve the goals of the Europe 2020 Strategy, to prevent and combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions.


This week I presented the children with some educational videos about “Causes and the effects of pollution on the planet ", then I asked them to represent by drawing what this notion means in their vision. Another activity was" Color and life ", in which students planted flowers in pots.

În această săptămână am prezentat copiilor câteva filmulețe educative despre ,,Cauzele și efectele poluării Planetei",  apoi le-am cerut  să reprezinte prin desen ce înseamnă în viziunea lor această noțiune. O altă activitate a fost ,,Culoare şi viaţă", în cadrul căreia elevii au plantat flori in ghivece.

Renewable energies /Energii regenerabile

As in the previous week, we discussed with students the causes and effects of climate change, and then had activities in which children came up with ideas for behavior and attitude in order to prevent future problems with the effects of global warming. Class I Slogan “Water, Sun and Wind will save the Earth!”


In this activity we presented to the students a video about waste recycling, which wastes that can be recycled, mentioning the fact that Romania ranks last in Europe in terms of waste recycling (with the mention that much more can be done in this regard). The students made some recyclable products and performed the song Recycling.


Images by Tatiana Silveșan 2020-10-14Silveșan
Images by Tatiana Silveșan 2020-10-14Silveșan
Images by Tatiana Silveșan 2020-10-17Silveșan
Images by Tatiana Silveșan 2020-10-17Silveșan