Tatiana Páez

Co-teacher: Swati Bakshi
Bachelor’s degree in English & Spanish, specialization’s degree in education, master’s degree in IT applied to education. 26 years of teaching experience. I enjoy learning andmeeting new friends. I work at IE CASD José Prudencio Padilla with 6th and 7th graders, Barrancabermeja (Colombia).


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School: IE CASD JOSÉ PRUDENCIO PADILLA PUBLIC SCHOOL 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 12-13 Year

Projects 2021

What is climate change?

Summary about what climate change is and its causes

Talking to grandparents about climate change

Grandparents explain their grandchildren how seasons were when they were younger.

Halloween Show

Creating customes with recycled materials for Halloween night


Images by Tatiana Páez 2021-10-22Páez
Images by Tatiana Páez 2021-10-20Páez
Images by Tatiana Páez 2021-10-22Páez