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School: Aleksandar Geprgiev-Kodzhakafaliyata Primary School 156 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-14 Year

Projects 2020

Causes of Climate Change

The students understood the difference between weather and climate, wrote their own definition of climate, played a game with questions about weather and climate, made a list of reasons for climate change, played a game about climate and then discussed what everyone can do to protect the environment.

The tree of virtues

Adding virtues to a tree allows students to share their understandings of nobility, humanity, kindness, honesty, modesty, kindness, selflessness, share hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future.
Virtues are written on one side of the leaflets, and on the other virtue is combined with activity.

Online meeting with Israel

On October 21, 2020, we held an online meeting between the students from Alexander Georgiev-Kodzhakafaliyata Primary School, Burgas, Bulgaria and the students from Cordon School, Petah Tikva, Izrael, together with their teachers Tanya Srebreva, Greta Stoyanova and Karina Batat. The children presented their schools and the activities they have implemented so far under the project Climate Active Project.

Shopping energy

The students invented a shopping cart that produces electricity while you shop. The produced green energy can be used to charge a mobile device from the customer or for the needs of the store - lighting, door operator and others.

Manifesto Climate Action students

The students from Alexander Georgiev-Kodzhakafaliyata Primary School, Burgas, Bulgaria expressed their future vision for the planet by personally engaging in concrete actions. We discussed a school action plan and put together a Manifesto Climate Action.

Online webinar on November 5, 2020. Questions to Helena Gualinga.

We participated in the online webinar on November 5, 2020. We asked our questions to Helena Gualinga.
1. Question by Niya Obretenova, 7th grade: What is it like being an activist at such a young age? Have you met people that don't believe in you and your knowledge? Do you believe in the beliefs of another young activist like you?

2. Question of Teodora Kichukova 7.B class
Don't you think that most young people are committed to protecting the environment in order to draw attention to themselves and keep up with fashion, not because they feel it with their heart? What goals do you have for the future?