Thi Tam Ha Ta

HNTL students in the Climate Change Project 2018

School: Hanoi Thanglong School, Xa La, Ha Dong, Ha Noi

Projects 2019

2019 Week 1- Hanoi Thanglong School, Vietnam

In Week 1, HNTL students studied the differences between Weather and Climate, why we need to study climate and how to measure the ancient climate. They also explored the causes of climate change.

Students had one week to prepare at home the assignment given to them by the project leader. Each group studied a small part of the content in Week 1.

Parents also joined the project. They took the children to the library to study the project and helped them practice at home.



Hanoi Thanglong School - Week 2 Climate Change project

Week 2:

Objectives for this week:

 Understand how climate change is affecting our planet

 Explain the impact of climate change on your local community

 Use data and research to predict the future impacts of climate change


Activity #1 – Examine Global and Local Impacts of a Changing Climate

Define the problem that students will be trying to solve: What are the similarities and differences in how climate change is impacting our planet and our local community?


Hanoi Thanglong school - Week 3 Climate Change Project 2019

Objectives for this week:

 Examine research and proposed solutions to climate issues

 Understand the impact of individual and collective behavioral changes on climate

 Apply design thinking as a problem-solving strategy

 Develop an action plan that addresses the climate crisis

Hanoi Thanglong school - Week 4 Climate Change Project 2019

Week 4: Action

Students's showcase of their project at school for parent and friends to read and call for them to act together to combat the climate change.

We are in the process of connecting with another classroom but timezone is a problem and at the moment, we are looking for a classroom for a skype connection so that we can share with each other about what we have done in this project. 


Week 1 - What is Climate change?
Week 1 - What is Climate change?
Week 1 - Group work (at school)
Week 2- What is happening in Vietnam due to climate change?
Week 3 - What are the solutions to Climate change?
Week 4 - A Skype session with students from Ireland for live interaction and sharing our findings and solutions to Climate change
Hanoi Thanglong School Climate Change project 2019