Swapna Yadav

Co-teacher: Mr. Nilesh Borate


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School: MPS Kanenagar CBSE School 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 6-12 Year

Projects 2021

Climate change Action Project Week 1- Birds Migration

In the week one of the project we focused on Birds migration in India due to climate change. We conducted a session with 30 students of our school and asked them to prepare a birdfeeder. The demo was given during the live session about the birdfeeder and later the slides were shared on the whatsApp group.Students were given a weeks time to prepare the birdfeeder from any waste material available at their home. Students were asked to take their selfies with birdfeeder and share on the group. Also students were asked to click the snaps if they find any birds flocking around their bird feeders. The best click were announced prizes!!

Effects of Climate change on Animals

In this week we focussed on effects of climate change on animals. Our students prepared posters and gave a short presentation. 

MPS Kanenagar CBSE school, Mumbai (India)