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Integrated Humanities
School: Pathways School Noida 36 students are involved The average age of the students: 15 Year

Projects 2021

Climate worriers- Pathways school Noida

  • Explore the key scientific concepts of global climate change.
  • Study the major symptoms of global climate change.
  • Analyze the causes of climate change and see how human activities affect the climate.
  • See the consequences of global climate change for ecosystems and human society.
  • Recognize the moral principles, goals, and virtues needed for making sound policy and lifestyle responses to global climate change.
  • Investigate why and how the challenge of global climate change is raising spiritual questions.
  • Consider an environmental action that addresses climate change in your community.


Week 1 

Prepared by Tavishi Guptaand Yashika Aggarwal  


Task of Week 1 :

  • What is your idea on Climate Change ?
  • What is Climate Change Locally ?

Submit a Video on climate change created by you and add images 

  • Add Causes  


  1. Climate change as per me can be defined as the change in the atmosphere caused by human activities that lead to releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere causing global warming. Climate change can also be defined as the change in temperature of the atmosphere being too hot or too cold causing harm to the environment. - Tavishi Gupta 
  2. Climate change is any sort of change in the environment and its climate. It can be caused due to various reasons, global warming being the greatest one. 



  1. a change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels. 

  2. These changes have a broad range of observed effects 


Here are some causes of climate change:- 

  1. Rapid Industrialization - When there is rapid increase in population and industrialization it results in deforestation , that releases a lot of carbon dioxide that is harmful for the environment.
  2. Pollution - Emission of pollutants can lead to climate change , for example - the mode of transportation we use requires petroleum that is a non-renewable source and releases a lot of carbon dioxide and contributes to climate change.



Here are some effects of climate change:

  1. Loss of wildfire and biodiversity 
  2. Land degradation 
  3. Rising temperatures / Unpredicting weather patterns 
  4. Rising sea levels 
  5. Electricity blackouts 

Pathways School Noida Climate Warriors

We climate warriors here at Pathways School Noida, come together to make the planet a better place for our future generations. We, the citizens of the earth solemnly swear to protect this planet. 

Session with students from Dragos Voda School , Moldova

To make this world a better place. The students of Pathways School Noida did a small collaboration with a school in Moldova (Country in Europe ) that is the Dragos Voda School. The session was conducted via Zoom, where everyone discussed about their own country. The students of Pathways school Noida talked about the situation of India towards climate change and the students from Europe also talked about their country's  (Moldova) mission to combat climate change. It was fruitful session as it was quite interactive and informative. Here are some tit-bits of the session and how we as the students of Pathways School  Noida are ready to take action to combat climate change. 

Connections and interactions


  • Plant Trees
  • Make the world carbon neutral / negative
  • Further expanding the use of renewable resources in different sectors;
  • Encouraging the global population to use public transportation and carpool systems to reduce fuel consumption;
  • Utilizing social media platforms to inform younger generations about the climate crisis;
  • Advocating the 4 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle;
  • Reducing car use, switching to electric vehicles and minimising plane travel to stop climate change and air pollution;
  • Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

- (1, Poverty | 7, Affordable and clean energy | 11, sustainable communities and cities | 13, Climate Action | 14, life below water | 15, life on land)

9. Informing individuals about the importance of adopting sustainable practices and habits to contribute towards combating the issue of climate change through media and ad campaigns;




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