Stella Ficai


-Teacher of English at Liceo Linguistico Vittoria Colonna in Arezzo Italy for 33 years -Teacher of English at Rondine Cittadella della Pace (UN Leaders for Peace Campaign) for 4 years - Interests: Global Education , Conflict Resolutions skills, Intercultural Exchanges, UNESCO , UNSDGs

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Teresa Gallina

School: Liceo linguistico Vittoria Colonna Arezzo

Projects 2019

Climate change: what goes up

 Topics:- Brainstorming ideas about Climate change  (teacher-led activity)                                                                                                         

-videos about the causes of climate change (cooperative-learning tasks)

-Brief analysis of climate change data  from the early 19 century to the Paris agreement in 2015 (cooperative -learning tasks)

- Debating/ Motion of debate: This house believes that climate change is caused by human actions. Proposition speech team VS Opposition speech team


liceo Linguistico Vittoria Colonna