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Co-teacher: Biljana Mamužić


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School: Preschool institution "Naša radost" 32 students are involved The average age of the students: 4-5,5 Year

Projects 2020

Climate Action Project - Week 1

We talked to the children and found out: what is the climate; how the climate is changing; how we see changes around us.

Climate Action Project - Week 2

We have tried to understand how climate change affects us all. We researched in our surroundings how the soil changes if it is dry or if there is enough water. What does nature look like when it is clean and what does it look like when we do not preserve it. The eco patrol worked and made sure that our yard was clean. We can learn how nature is preserved and preserve our environment.

Climate Action Project - Week 3

We were looking for a solution to the problem we have in the vicinity of the kindergarten.
When it rains a lot, our kindergarten is flooded. Then the ice falls. There is great damage to people, plants, animals and our nature.
It is important to keep small canals that drain water, but also to make large canals.

Climate Action Project - Week 4

We talked, thought and agreed on how to solve important environmental issues. How do we design machines that will reduce deforestation, use biofuels and protect the environment? We have ideas.

Climate Action Project - Week 5

The time spent outside is invaluable. We watched children from other countries preserve nature. We decided to get to know nature first. I want to love her so much that we keep her forever.

Climate Action Project - Week 6

We agreed on what we need for the life of people on our planet. We need machines that are good. we decided to design them ourselves. Not to use trees, plastic,
 oil ... We remembered. We will make new machines. and Explain how they work. Our machines do not pollute nature. They work on air and water.


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