Margaret Simkin

South West Victoria

Teacher-librarian managing the Library across a two campus Early Learning (3 years olds) to Year 12 (18-year-olds) Independent Co-Educational School in a regional city.  My initial teacher training was in Geography and History, and I teach one class of History Revolutions (France and Russia) to senior students. In 2015 I completed a second Master of Education degree in Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation, an online course through Charles Sturt University in Australia. I am passionate about teaching our young people about our world and its people and involving them in global activities to broaden their horizons.

At present, I am on long service leave and not sure which classes will be fully involved in this project but it will include students from Year 5, and Year 10, and possibly others. Co-teachers names will be added later once things are confirmed.

School: The Hamilton And Alexandra College

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Projects 2019

Climate Action - why is it needed?

We share a class for a brief time each week so we have to work fast! Each student in each of the three classes created a slide to share on the topic of Climate Action - why do we need it?  Many of them added their own audio but the quality was poor. This, therefore is a silent movie representing where the discussion took each of them!  Many of these students were part of last year's project and they could recall almost everything that we did in 2018.

Week 2: what is happening in Australia?

Another brief overview from the same students as last week's contribution focussing on the situations Australia is facing, including in our Antarctic territory. 

Looking for Solutions

In between lots of lesson time interruptions, the students in Year 4 managed to get some solutions worked out!

How can we FIX things?

Some interesting discussions and some possibilities raised. There may be some additions to this still coming.


Starting the project